For Sale


He keeps his one eyed friend in check. Buy the pair together!



He’s weird looking and you should have him in your collection, just to keep an eye on things.


Griffon Rider

Defending the Sky!


Boar Demon

This guy will have a blast eating your D&D characters and gore them with his tusks! How fun.


Forest Giant

Beat your players to a pulp with a Forest Giant


Howl’s Moving Castle

This piece is 3D printed and stands at over 12 inches tall. It is fairly lightweight and comes with a to scale base, including a Turnip Head.


Green Dragon

This dragon would fit in any Dungeons and Dragons game making it the perfect monster for your players to fight. It comes on a large base that the minis could stand on too.



This creature is for an epic battle in Dungeons and Dragons. It does not come with a base making it ideal for any setting!


Sphiranx Mindstealer

For Warhammer; this addition to your game would bring in the points!


From the Deep

This bust is a great addition to any display!


Lady of Lust

From Titan Forge Miniatures


Dungeons and Dragons Creature

This is great terrain for your party to stumble across!


Giant Crab

Underwater or use for above ground, the crab is not glued to the base for your convenience.



For Dungeons and Dragons, not adhered to the base.



For Dungeons and Dragons